Winning at Local Search

4 strategies to give you an immediate edge

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Local “near me” Google searches have increased by more than 500% in recent years. And 4 out of every 5 “near me” search is food related. This means to be found by their potential guests, restaurants need to be showing up in the top results for “near me” searches. So how can you rise above your competition? In this webinar, Marqii Co-Founder and CRO Bryan Rutcofsky and Virtual Dining Concepts VP of Sales Kelly Grogan share 4 strategies for winning the local search game. They also share actual examples of how VDC has put these tips into practice for their award-winning virtual brands.

Marqii customers see...

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9% increase

In Google Maps views in one year

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70 hours saved

On average per month, per location

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30% increase

In average star review ratings

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