Calculate the Time You Can Save When Updating Your Online Menus and Hours

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Find out how much time you and your staff can save with Marqii with our handy dandy calculator.

*this calculation is based on the average restaurant updating or verifying their hours 15 times per year

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Case Study: How Sofia's Pizzeria Saved 540 Hours and was Found Online by 6x More Guests

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Sofia's wasn't getting placed high enough in "near me" searches, and their team members were struggling to keep up with updating and verifying their online menus and hours.

In just one year after partnering with Marqii, Sofia's saw:

🔥 540 saved hours by eliminating manual online menu & hours updates

🔥 6X the number of Google discovery search results (aka people searching for "Las Vegas Brazilian food" or "Restaurants near me")

🔥 718% increase in views on Google Maps