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Marqii Integrates with OpenTable to Expand Review Management Capabilities

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Marqii incorporates OpenTable reviews into their review management and analytics, allowing hospitality businesses to monitor, respond to, and gain insights from their OpenTable reviews

AUSTIN, Texas (June 4, 2024) -- Marqii, a one-stop digital operations platform for hospitality businesses, integrated with leading restaurant tech platform, OpenTable to incorporate the publisher’s reviews into Marqii’s centralized review dashboard. In addition to reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and ezCater, Marqii restaurant partners can now monitor and respond to their OpenTable reviews all from one place.

“Reviews and guest feedback are a crucial part of understanding and improving the guest experience, as well as building relationships with customers,” said Avi Goren, Marqii Co-Founder and CEO. “As a reservation platform, OpenTable ties guest reviews back to a profile and specific reservation event, making it even easier to pinpoint where and when great things are happening, or how experiences can be improved. Responding to those reviews deepens relationships with already-engaged diners, encouraging return visits and building loyalty.” 

Marqii Review Management gives hospitality businesses one central place to respond to their most valuable reviews and guest feedback. Beyond that, Marqii’s review insights and analytics are customized for the way hospitality brands understand their guest experience. Sentiment analysis, keyword breakdowns, and side-by-side comparison between on-premise and off-premise reviews allow restaurant teams to spot trends and identify critical areas for improvement across their brands and at individual locations. 

In just the first three months of 2024, Marqii clients responded to more than 50% of all their reviews, compared to an average 35% response rate among all restaurants.* Data shows that Marqii clients who respond to all their reviews see an average 30% increase in their overall star ratings. 

Responses to OpenTable reviews are also included in Marqii's Managed Review Response service. With Managed Review Response, Marqii takes over responding to all reviews. The Managed Reviews team creates personalized, on-brand responses  using a combination of AI and HI (Human Intelligence). 

To learn more about how Marqii helps hospitality teams connect with their guests, gain crucial insights from reviews, and respond to on-premise and off-premise reviews from one central place, visit

About Marqii

Founded in 2017 by Avi Goren, Evan Perlmutter and Bryan Rutcofsky, Marqii is a one-stop digital operations platform for hospitality businesses. Marqii Review Management gives multi-unit operators one place to track and respond to Yelp, Google, Facebook, OpenTable, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and ezCater reviews so they never miss a chance to engage with their guests. With dozens of POS integrations and connections to more than 80 listings sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, and Apple Maps, Marqii saves hospitality teams time by automating updates to their online menus, hours, location data, featured links, and more. More than 10,000 hospitality businesses of all sizes use Marqii to centralize their guest feedback, save time, rank higher in search results, attract more guests, and learn what matters most to their customers.



*15% response rate from single unit operators, 60% from chains. Team, R. A. (n.d.). Our analysis of over 100,000 restaurant reviews. RightResponse AI, LLC.