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Marqii Announces Partnership With MarketMan

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With Marqii and MarketMan, restaurants can simplify all their back-of-house and digital operations, from inventory management to automated digital menu updates.

Austin, Texas (August 16, 2023) -- Marqii, a one-stop digital operations platform for hospitality businesses, today announced its partnership with MarketMan, a complete Restaurant Management System. With this partnership, restaurants can simplify all of their back-of-house and digital operations by combining MarketMan’s inventory management and accounting tools with Marqii’s automated digital menu updates and listings management solutions.

Marqii strives to help restaurants, bars, hotels, ghost kitchens and virtual brands deepen their customer relationships by providing one central place where they can efficiently manage their online menus and respond to their reviews.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MarketMan and offer their inventory management, accounts payable, and purchasing solutions to our clients,” said Avi Goren, Marqii Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re in the business of saving restaurant brands time, and this partnership will allow us to recommend even more ways for them to simplify their operations.”

“Our partnership with Marqii spotlights the evolving technology requirements of our joint customers as they demand more fully collaborative applications and platforms to streamline their businesses,” stated Wink Jones, CEO of Meal Ticket. “Together, our technologies allow customers to leverage cloud software to automate previously manual tasks to increase productivity and profitability.”

To learn more about how Marqii and MarketMan work together to simplify restaurants’ back-of-house and digital operations, visit

About Marqii

Founded in 2017 by Avi Goren, Evan Perlmutter and Bryan Rutcofsky, Marqii is a one-stop digital operations platform for hospitality businesses. With dozens of POS integrations and connections to more than 80 listings sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, and Apple Maps, Marqii saves hospitality teams time by automating updates to their online menus, hours, location data, featured links, and more. Marqii’s review management product gives multi-unit operators one place to track and respond to Facebook, Yelp, and Google reviews so they never miss a chance to engage with their guests’ feedback. More than 8,000 hospitality businesses of all sizes use Marqii to save time, rank higher in search results, attract more guests, and learn what matters most to their customers.

About MarketMan

MarketMan, part of the Meal Ticket product portfolio of software for the foodservice industry, is an inventory management platform that helps restaurants keep costs under control and efficiently manage inventory by automating back-of-house operations. MarketMan’s cloud-based inventory management and purchasing platform simplifies all back-of-house operations, streamlining everything from inventory to budgeting, reporting, and supplier management. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013, MarketMan now has offices in London, the San Francisco Bay Area, and maintains its global headquarters in New York City. For more information or to inquire about partnering with the platform, please visit