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35-Location Coffee Brand

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How Gregory’s Coffee drove post-pandemic comeback visits and 4x-ed Google discovery in 1 year

The Problem:

As a New York-based coffee brand with more than 35 locations, Gregorys Coffee needed to drive in-person visits as the pandemic eased.

Staff availability and changing regulations meant constant updates to open hours

Getting top placement in local "near me" searches was crucial to attracting more nearby visitors.

In-person visits dropped dramatically during the pandemic as workers made coffee at home

The Solution:

Leverage Marqii's platform to ensure all hours are correct for every Gregorys location, get found in more local discovery searches, and drive Google Maps directions requests.

From June 2021 to Aug 2022:


Increase in monthly google discovery searches


Increase over pre-pandemic highs

monthly "get directions" ACTIONS IN GOOGLE LISTINGS

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